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Babita was a popular actress of Bollywood entertainers in the late 60s and 70s. Her older cousin was the beautiful Sadhana. For a period Babita vied for the top spot on the beauty charts of Hindi cinema. Her career matched her with all the top stars of the day.

Babita married Raj Kapoor's eldest son Randhir Kapoor and once married to him, she was compelled to leave the industry.

She worked with her then future husband Randhir Kapoor on his first directorial debut "Kal Aaj Aur Kal" which was notable as the first and only film to bring together 3 generations of Kapoor family members.

After having two daughters and a stormy relationship with Randhir, Babita boldly walked out of the marriage taking her girls along with her. To have separated from Randhir must have taken a huge amount of verve and guts on the part of Babita. Not only was she bucking social convention but also separating herself from one of India's most powerful dynasties, the Kapoors. After leaving her marriage Babita focused her attention on raising her two daughters, Karisma and Kareena.





If one thinks about the Bollywood stories that are Karisma (who has many of the facial features and body gestures of her mother) and Kareena Kapoor, Babita, the backstage mom truly has to be taken into account.

She is know for having a huge influence over the career paths of her two mega star daughters. Like a true Bollywood film mother she accompanies her girls on film shoots and dance shows. In the early days of Karisma's career 'Lolo' was under mom's iron hand. Karisma is legendarily know for being devoted and submissive to her mother's wishes. Neither daughter makes a film decision without prior approval of mom.

Even further, Babita has deep connections in Bollywood and lobbies hard with producers to get her girls the choice projects. The gossip is Babita's backstage power was responsible for pulling the rug out from under a number of big name actresses to have her daughters' replaced as the lead star in some high profile films. These types of back stage tactics have caused a fair amount of resentment in some Bollywood circles.





The trades and gossip magazines portray Babita as a shrewd and manipulative backstage mom, but also picture her with reverence at the biggest Bollywood social functions. She has led an incredible and headstrong life and continues to influence the nature of Bollywood as the quintessential Actress' Mother. Hats off to Babita. To tell you the truth, I would not want to be on her bad side.


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