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From "Waqt" (1965)

Sadhana's name and persona conjures up images of stylish sophistication and trend setting fashion statements. She was the queen of style for the Indian women of the 60s. Sadhana is at the top of every mention of style and fashion in Bollywood. With her entrance on the scene in "Love in Simla" [1960] Sadhana brought a fresh new image to the Hindi film heroine. Hers was a look of 60s modernism that coincided with the petite slimed down fashion trends that were taking place in Paris and New York and was exemplified by the Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. It was Sadhana who brought this look to the popular fore in India while giving the 'Breakfast At Tiffanies' glamour her own particular Indian flavor.

A generation of Bollywood actresses copied Sadhana in mannerism, look, and style. She will always be remembered as a fashion icon and as such one tends to forget her other qualities. Sadhana possessed that intangible 'star quality' that manifested in an ethereal and enticing screen presence. She also had great comic timing and natural grace.



From "Raaj Kumar"(1963)

Sadhana's initial popularity centered around a teenage audience who were looking for something new. Sadhana was fresh, modern, and most of all hip. She was someone the children of the new rising middle class of an increasingly modern Indian could identify with. She became the darling of the youth of India. In the 1960s Sadhana could do no wrong and she was absolutely plugged into the zeitgeist of fashion and trends. Her hairstyle became known as the 'Sadhana fringe' and swept the country. Woman flocked to her films to see what she was wearing and invariably her costumes in films became fashion trends on the streets. Men flocked to her films to ogle her and the Sadhana 'type' for many became the womanly ideal.

Much has been written about Sadhana and she is one of the legends of Bollywood. Today She is retired and lives out of the public spotlight. Sadhana is well aware of the magic she created on screen in the 1960s. Sadhana is active in her own private social life and declines to be photographed in public giving the rational of wanting her fans to remember her the way she was when she so captivated audiences in her memorable moments on screen.




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