Sunil Dutt

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"Waqt" [1965]

Versitile, experimental, and willing to go against type casting, Sunil Dutt was a hero of substance and an actor with undefeatable survival skills. He has been imortalized as the second central figure of Mehboob Khan's international classic of Hindi cinema "Mother India" [1957] as the symbol of restless male formative energy, the rebelious son 'Birju'. It is the role he will be most deservingly remembered. However Sunil Dutt was also a hero who played memorable parts as a fool in "Padosan", the rich aristocat in "Waqt", the daicot in "Reshma Aur Shera" and the villian in "Geeta Mera Naam". Dutt was also a producer and director who acted in popular entertainers in order to finance his own more experimental pet projects.

He had an acting career that spanned four decades and Dutt worked with all of the major film makers, BR Chopra, Yash Chopra, Mehboob Khan, and Guru Dutt to name a few.





"Payal" [1957]

Sunil Dutt's personal life is as fascinating and rich as his acting career. As a child he was witness to the tragic drama of Partition with his family torn apart by it's nightmarish events. He moved to Bombay as a student and became involved in radio and after graduation from college became an actor in Bollywood in what was the tail end of the 'classic' period of the 1950s. On the set of "Mother India" Dutt legendarily saved the life of Nargis from a burning film set and they were later married in what is considered one of the great storybook romances of Bollywood history.

Dutt became a film producer and director and launched the career's of a number of actors including, his brother Som, Leena Chandavarkar and his son, Sanjay Dutt.

When Nargis passed away after a battle with cancer Sunil Dutt threw his life into social work and causes. He became an Minister of Parliment who advocated for peace beween borders and the rights of the poor. It was Nargis's wish that cancer research be fowarded in India and to that effect Dutt spearheaded the creation of the Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation. Sunil Dutt lived his life a vocal advocate for the rights of the sick and poor.



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